As a charity organisation, our collective mission is to secure a bright future for the children of Artsakh who, along with their families, were forcibly displaced from their homes. Together, we are dedicated to preventing hunger, cultivating a nurturing environment, and empowering and supporting families to lay the foundation for a joyful and fulfilling childhood.

The strength of our mission lies in the support of an international organisation boasting over 1.4 million volunteers and a Foundation capable of providing crucial financial assistance to projects. We firmly believe that, while alone we may accomplish little, together, we have the power to achieve so much more!

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  • Help Relieving the Hunger

    For our Charter project we want to help 50 families with many children (369 people in total), who were displaced from three settlements in Artsakh. 


International Women's day 2024



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Photos Charter Ceremony Uploaded


Photos from our Charter Ceremony are uploaded.

Uitnodiging Charter Ceremonie


Met genoegen en met grote eer mag ik u uitnodigen om samen met de leden van Lions Specialty Club Nederland voor Armenië aanwezig te zijn bij hun Charter Ceremonie.